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photo3Guitars. Music. My music. What would I do without them? Why do they always seem to be central to what is going on in my life? These are the questions that led me to create this blog.

I love my guitars, and I have had many, many over the years. And with all of the guitars I have possessed, I have never found the one. They have almost seemed disposable to me at times, as I have traded or sold off one to acquire another in hopes of finding that one to rule them all.

I’ve read about Clapton with Blackie, B.B. King with Lucille and Billy Gibbons with Pearly Gates, and yet I have never known one that I would name, like one of my children. Never even considered doing that – at least until recently.

That’s when I finally began to realize that it’s not just about playing, it’s about listening and being in touch. Of course, if you play in a band you know how critical it is to listen to the other musicians you play with in order to get the music to sound right. But I am talking about something deeper. Listening and feeling what your guitar is saying “to you” when you connect with it to play. I am convinced it is speaking to you, if you listen.

The effect playing my guitar has on me is one of the great mysteries of my life. My guitars have been my constant companions. They have brought me joy through the music I played with them. They gave me confidence, allowing me to stand before large groups of people, never shying away from the moment. They have connected me to my emotions and deepest thoughts in the most profound of ways, helping me to express what was going on in my head. They have provided relief from the stress I encounter in my life. And yet, I do not fully understand the connection I have with them, and how that connection bleeds into other areas of my life.

That is the journey I am taking through this blog. My goal is to explore my life with guitars and music – both the past and the future. I hope to reconnect with forgotten memories from my musical past, gain a deeper understanding of myself, and maybe name a guitar or two along the way.

Rick Rutherford
Deep in the Heart of Texas

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